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The LizardFree Foundation

Welcome to, official home of the LizardFree Foundation and international-selling conspiracy evangelists Mr. Angello Wellson-Noble and Mr. Lizardio Four. Feel free to look around, and WATCH U.R. BACK!

FRESH OUT THE KITCHEN: NEW Author Interview with Douglas R. Bard

Our latest author interview features fellow conspiracy evangelist Douglas R. Bard. Best-known for his 2012 breakthroughs, Dawn of the ArtilectWorld: Down the Yellow Brick Road and Ralph’s Fantastic Discovery. Read the interview and WATCH U.R. BACK!

THIS JUST IN! NEW Author Interview with Lizardio Four

Mr. Lizardio Four, author of LIZARDS RULE OUR PLANET and BEHOLD A PALE LIZARD chimes in from his underground hideout beneath the Swiss Alps. Homework will be done! Minds will be blown! And free advice to upcoming conspiracy evangelists will be dished out! Read the full interview and WATCH U.R. BACK!

NEW! Author Interview

We talk with 2012′s breakout conspiracy author, Graham Carroll (The Illuminati Kid Can Save You and Illuminati Rockgod), about his eye-opening, brain-smashing debut novel, Global Reptilian Conspiracies, and the fate of the world. Class is in session, dear readers. Read the complete interview and DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

The Official Trailer

Check out the official trailer for BEHOLD A PALE LIZARD and Day of the Lizards below. Don’t forget to give it the ol’ thumbs up on YouTube.

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